One-stop solution for your non-profit.

Don’t let endless emails and spreadsheets prevent you from reaching out to those who need your support. Build apps on Zoho Creator so you can fundraise more efficiently, communicate with volunteers, and deliver better services.

Non-Profit Essentials.

We have already built the essentials of a non-profit, so you can just install and alter them to suit your needs.

Volunteer Portal

Make it easier for your volunteers to help. Let them register online and take charge of organizing events. Collaborate with them and keep track of their plans, even while you're focusing on other matters.

Donor Management

Donors and well-wishers share your passion. Bring them all on a single database, so you can reach out to them at any time. Use a dashboard to identify donors by their interests, how often they donate, and track the overall progress of your fundraisers.

Event Management

Whether you're fundraising or building awareness, manage every event from start to finish. Promote your events with personalized invitations, sell tickets online, and check-in attendees with the mobile app.

eBook: A non-profit’s guide.

We’ve condensed everything you need to know about using custom apps to run your non-profit into this free ebook. Give it a read!

You're changing the world. We're here to help.

Build your solution yourself, or use one of our pre-built apps.

Track your donors, sponsors, and volunteers in one place.

Be in multiple events at once with mobile updates and notifications

Take advantage of our special pricing for non-profits.

We don't profit from your non-profit.

Our pricing plans grant you the flexibility to direct your spending to where it is needed and run effective programs to accomplish your organization’s goals.

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