Software as comprehensive as your curriculum

Zoho Creator has everything you need to completely run an educational institution, from preschool all the way up to university.

What is Zoho Creator?

With Zoho Creator, you can build tailor-made applications on your own, with little to no coding knowledge. You can also choose one of our many prebuilt application templates and get started right away. Moreover, if you have an existing database set up, our migration tool lets you upload your data instantly and begin the app making process.


End-to-end solutions for every stakeholder

From admissions to accounting, take care of everything with cloud-based applications. Build apps with minimal coding, or install prebuilt ones and customize them as needed.

Still using spreadsheets?

#BreakupWithSpreadSheets using Zoho Creator!

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. With Creator, you can migrate to efficient database applications in a few clicks.

Watch the video below and begin the transition today!


Personalized Portals

Stay ahead. Stay connected.

Admin Portal

Run your institute—or group of institutes—from the palm of your hand. With all the administrative information on a single, readily accessible dashboard, you'll never have to waste time searching through tabs and files.

Faculty Portal

Make it easier for faculty to collect student information and schedules, and mark sheets at a glance. Organize lesson plans, connect with colleagues, students, and management, and view courses right from their portal.

Student Portal

Put an end to crowding around the bulletin board for academic and extracurricular updates. Students can now instantly download study materials and help improve the learning experience for others by submitting course feedback.

Parent Portal

Parents can learn all about what's happening at the institute—and their child's performance—just by logging in to their dashboard. They can also make payments and get receipts through the portal.

What can you use Zoho Creator for?

Manage accounts

Oversee schedules

Govern fee payment

Manage courses

Handle attendance

Track assignments

Run events


Send newsletters

Conduct admissions

Organize libraries

Store student details

Notify via SMS

Save staff details

Automate tasks

Developed, pre-built, and fully customizable


The only software you’ll need to run your school.

Library Management

Your digital librarian.

Education Management

From high schools to universities, we’ve got you covered.

Course Planner

Comprehensive syllabus management software.

Attendance Management

Your pocket attendance ledger.

Assignment Tracker

Make assignment management simple.

Program Manager

Your secret weapon to make every program a roaring success.

University Event Organizer

Run well-planned and memorable events.

Give your institute a technological upgrade

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