Who are we?

Riko Digital is an Australian company offering expertise in ICT Consulting, Strategy & Implementation. We are a client-centric business founded on values of meaningful innovation & People Powered Technology. We run business with Openness and Transparency while making bold decisions. We have a passion for excellence and we strive to make a difference to the community.

Riko aims to solve business problems with the help of cutting-edge technologies. With our knowledge and experience in ICT, Riko has a successful track record of implementing sustainable solutions to solve real world business problems.

Our Values

Results through collaboration

We are fanatical about working as a team to solve problems.

Integrity in Business Conduct

We follow uncompromising standards of business conduct.

Customer First culture

We put our Client’s & Employees interests above all.

Value added Innovation

We aim to make a difference with our innovative approach.

What we do

Workflow Automation

Custom Web Applications

E-Learning Solutions


ICT Solutions

Business Intelligence (BI)


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Recent Publications

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Riko Digital acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the true custodians of the land in which we live and work.